star quilt

I started piecing this project I don't even know when. I know it was before thanksgiving because I had to put all of my bits in a box & give it to P to hide from me, so I could actually finish christmas projects, and not be distracted by above quilty. It's from the book Material Obsession. There are two quilts in that book featuring this star block. After a while I looked to flickr for some of equally foolish/driven people, and shortly after the Rose Star Block Party appeared. The M.O. pattern calls for 72 little kite pieces per star. The rose star block party folks over on flickr are for the most part using a pattern that calls for far fewer pieces. Wah. But I got over it. I really like the stripey centers of the M.O. version, so I was happy to stay on my original 72 pc per star route. I also thought, oh, I have so many done, I don't want any weirdos standing out. Until a few days ago, when I laid some blocks out on the bed to figure out how many I would need to make a sort of queen size quilt. Yeah, I need about 33. Sure, OK, I have NINE finished, and about four more started. So I buckle, I will try to incorporate some of the simpler shapes  and see how that goes. 

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