oh look, it still works.

the blue & grey ihop quilt. pin basted. now i just have to quilt it. blerg. i like the handquilting process, but man, this thing is big. about 70" x 80". the only other quilt i have made close to this size is the log cabin that is on our bed, and i used a flannel sheet instead of batting in the middle, so i didn't have to really quilt it much at all. i cannot imagine the swearing i would do if i tried to machine quilt this. i don't know how people do it. i don't have the patience or the space. i'm super excited to have this quilt at this point. last weekend p bought backing fabric for me (aunt edna yellow plaid), of course, they did not have quite enough to make the full back, so i pieced it with a couple of kona greys. it's gonna be pretty hawt.

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